There’s something about nighttime and walks in this city. Paris is a city of romance that never changes, and I’ve shared many late night strolls with friends, lovers and myself. Walks in the dead of winter bundled up head to toe or walks in the heat of the summer constantly fanning yourself. Sometimes these walks involve “apartment hunting” […]


“Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.” – Jack Kerouac In my hungover-stupor, I heard an alarm go off and someone shuffling around the room.  Next thing I knew, Alba was shaking me trying to get me up. I opened […]


This past weekend I returned to Amsterdam. It’s been almost two years, but the city felt as if it never changed. But I have. And now my soul is craving somewhere new and different. Just a short escape from Paris to an unfamiliar city, to unfamiliar sounds, to unfamiliar smells, to unfamiliar sights. Traveling feeds my […]


Twenty-Fifteen is finally here. The year I will turn 25. The year I will (eventually) leave Paris for a new adventure. The year I refuse to let “excuses” stop me. I realize I vanished for quite awhile. There are a million “excuses” for why I quit writing for several months. -Lack of inspiration -Lack of time -Sadness […]


      According to some folks, there are three things I’m good at in life: 1) Thrifting 2) Drinking Wine 3) Causing Chaos Unfortunately, these skills paint the image of me being some crazy 20-something year old trying to figure out her place in life. … Wait. That actually does describe me. … ANYWAYS The pre-quarter […]


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