Centre Pompidou


And I’m back in Paris. Settling back into the way of life here. Settling back into my tiny apartment. Settling back into the person I am. Settling back. It’s been a chaotic first month back with new adventures and new people. Some folks have stayed, but new folks have come to replace those who left. […]


      According to some folks, there are three things I’m good at in life: 1) Thrifting 2) Drinking Wine 3) Causing Chaos Unfortunately, these skills paint the image of me being some crazy 20-something year old trying to figure out her place in life. … Wait. That actually does describe me. … ANYWAYS The pre-quarter […]


The Cavern Club Liverpool Beginning of The Beatles (YESSSS! I know it’s NOT Monday, but I was on vacation….) xx


(Ok, so technically it’s Tuesday…BUUTTTTTT, oh well…)


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